Gods are Dead by Supreeth Mithunkul

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

About the Author:

Supreeth Mithunkul (born 17 July 1996) is a 22-year-old Indian author and an engineering graduate. Gods are Dead is his debut novel.

Publication Year: 2019


‘Gods are Dead’ follows the life of a nameless nineteen-year-old boy who loves reading classics and playing guitar. He lives in a hostel and is close friends with his nerdy roommate Byre and a Nigerian guy, Jerome who’s a lead guitarist of a rock band that goes by the name ‘Satan’s Sons’.

The story begins with the protagonist attending a rock concert of the Satan’s Sons that he’s not a big fan of. Actually, he’s not a big fan of life or anything in general, as he believes there’s no point to the existence. He imagines himself being part of a videogame where he is being controlled by someone. (Sort of like that Black Mirror episode of Bandersnatch!)

We follow his conventional college life where he feels like he’s just another Homo Sapien following the rules- attending classes, studying for the tests, playing his guitar, doing drugs with his friends. At the same time, he runs off on his own and experiences an unconventional and unethical life. You could say he’s a guy trying to find his place in the universe.

First of all, this was my first book of 2019 and I’m glad to say that I’m off with a great start! This was a unique and refreshing story and I absolutely loved reading it. The book is narrated in the first person by the protagonist who lives a double life. The narration switches back to the past where we get a glimpse of his earlier life.

From that start, I was hooked due to the mysterious element surrounding the story. It is set in India and we get a glimpse of the life of the working class and poor people. I enjoyed the social commentary in this one.

“There’s no death, there’s no existence. It’s all crock.”

The protagonist is bitter about life and the book has a dark and serious tone but at the same time, I came across certain things that I found funny which I really liked. Also, I loved his interaction with the person outside his conventional life. It shows his soft side and gives a little lightness to the novel. He has daddy issues and he’s trying to deal with his hopeless life. We also learn a lot about his rough past which made me sympathize with him.

I found his family life comical. The part where they all interact was amusing. We also learn a little about the side characters Byre and Jerome who were interesting and had their own stories. I felt that all characters had that wackiness that cracked me up for some reason (which is a plus for me!).

The story switches from the protagonist’s college to his hostel to his hometown to the beach to the streets. The ending wasn’t something I had expected. It was absolutely mind-blowing! The book had an eccentric plot and I liked it. I haven’t read much of existential literature but for the debut novel, this book was really well done and I had fun reading it.

It’s a good short book and I definitely recommend checking it out.

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